The path

I have always been keen on horses, and their nearness has always been precious to me, thanks to them also, I am able to be my-self, in the present moment.

Their generosity, tolerance, and greatness of soul and much more, arouse my admiration.

Wishing to better interact and to be in harmony with the horse I have chosen horsemanship. During my professional horse training it becomes clear to me that emotional obstacles prevent the training’s progression.

I then have the idea to use the energetic healing that I was dedicating to my professional accompaniment of person to support horses during education.

Therefore, I started treating horses and the results were extremely quick, deep and positive in all cases.

Supported by this great experimentation, I have specialised myself in equine energetic healing, in developing and growing my know how and abilities.

The accompaniment I offer today is the result of the union of my various professional skills.

This support is rich of my experience with each of the person I am supporting to supersede his own obstacles and facing the same emotions that mankind shares.

My approach is also guided by my comprehension and experience of the relation with the horse as a lover, a rider, a trainer, and a healer.

Both competences and scope of expertise are feeding each other for my greater joy.

It is a pleasure for me to share the benefit of this path with you both, and that the well-being and harmony between you increase, or even get multiplied. It is my true wish.