The Reiki Care

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The Reiki Care

What benefits your horse could receive during a treatment:

Increase physical well-being

  • Stimulate the body’s self-regulating and self-healing processes
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Cleanse the body of accumulated toxins
  • Allow faster and deeper healing
  • Relieve physical suffering
  • Contribute to the prevention of the onset of disease
  • Help to reduce the effects or even eliminate the development of chronic diseases and infections
  • Bring an extra energy that re-harmonizes and revitalizes the body
    Recover after surgery
  • Help prepare and recover after an intensive sports event
  • Provide more flexibility, flexibility and fluidity of movement
  • Decrease the various pains associated with exercise repetition
  • To reduce the various pains associated with the lack of recovery time
  • Reduce fatigue and stress related to transportation, change of location

Increase the well-being of the mind

  • Increase attention, concentration and connection of the horse
  • Reduce environmental stress (noise, movement) by increasing the tolerance of the horse
  • Giving / restoring confidence and chasing fear, anxieties, stress, resulting in defense, aggressiveness and sociability problems.